• Tips to select the right industrial bearing

    By / June 2, 2017

    Producing food products can be termed to be a demanding science. The different industrial equipment and supplies used for manufacturing foodstuffs are required to meet the stringent government set requirements of sanitation and quality. When industrial bearing is concerned, the food industry is said to look at several unique options. It may the desire to have lubricating oil for contaminating food on production line. Probably, it could be bacteria growing on the machine’s housing. This will only do away with the consumers.

    Hence, it becomes important to select carefully the industrial bearings with regards to sanitation and cleanliness. At the same time, these also are to be evaluated with respect to cost, durability, hardness and strength. For meeting the criteria, what is necessary is a special series of materials.

    Select the right tools

    There are present different types of tools like drive line, gear box, etc in the box that needs to be used from time to time. The rings and balls are to be developed from superior quality materials. FDA standards are not met by regular iron. The common choice is using stainless steel rings and balls. They are said to combine very high tensile strength combined with excellent corrosion resistance. Food will not be contaminated in this manner. But they are regarded to be expensive options. Hence, the other materials are designed in the form of balls.

    The other least expensive option is coated iron. Chrome coating can help improve the hardness of the ball, corrosion resistance as well as enhances its durability. Moreover, zinc coatings are commonly used for preventing contamination and enhancing corrosion resistance.

    Lubrication and industrial bearings

    In the domain of food processing, making use of conventional lubricants and oil is strictly forbidden. Lubricant contamination is likely to crate horrible taste, spoil food and also is stated to be toxic. Hence, it will be necessary to use only FDA approved greases. Such lubricants are known as ‘H1s’. they are free from non-toxic odors and tastes even if there is occurrence of contamination in food.

    It is essential to keep well lubricated the industrial bearings and is applicable in the food industry. Refilling and purging lubrication reservoirs can help prevention of cross contamination. In case, a specific machine finds it difficult to service, then it is possible to use solid polymer lubricants. Such solid strips can release grease slowly and the industrial bearings will be in operation for keeping lubricated the system.

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  • Functioning of bearing

    By / June 2, 2017

    It could be that the person is interested to know how things such as electric motors and line skate wheels spin quietly, efficiently and smoothly. The reason is because these equipment make use of a small machine known as the bearing. This particular machine is said to make majority of the machines to be functional. Without this, the worn out parts due to friction are to be replaced constantly.

    How do they function?

    Checking out the manufacturer site can help the person to know how industrial bearing works. Things are known to roll than sliding. The car wheels can be termed to be something like big bearings. If there are present skis rather than wheels, then the car will not be able to move down the road. The reason is because, as things slide, friction created between them tends to cause a force which slows them drastically. However, if two surfaces roll over one another, then there is diminishing of friction immensely.

    Friction is reduced by offering smooth rollers or metal balls, including smoother outer and inner metal surface for balls to help roll against. Such rollers or balls tend to bear the load, thus allowing the equipment to spin smoothly and efficiently. Checking out the sites can help the person to know more about bearings and auto, spare parts, etc.

    Bearings and its types and uses

    Several types of bearings exist in the market, with each one developed for serving various purposes.

    • Ball bearings: Commonly used and found in hard drives, line skate and in everything. They can handle both thrust loads and radial.
    • Roller bearings: It is used in applications such as conveyor belt rollers to hold the heavy radial loads. However, it is not designed for handling much thrust loading.
    • Ball thrust bearings: It is used especially for low speed applications. It cannot handle excess of radial load. This type is used by Lazy Susan turntables and Barstools.
    • Roller thrust bearings: It has the ability to support big thrust loads and often found in the gear sets such as vehicle transmissions between the gears, rotating shafts and housing.
    • Tapered roller bearings: It can support large thrust loads and large radial and finds use in car hubs. Here, it is mounted usually in pairs and faces opposite directions. This way, it can efficiently handle in both directions the thrust.

    The above are the types and functions of bearings.…

  • Know the bearing used in day to day items

    By / June 2, 2017

    Bearing! The very mention of it is likely to put many into a state of panic. They could probably not be much aware of this advanced mechanical, hi-tech device. It is stated to be instrumental towards functioning of several equipment pieces and machinery.

    About bearings

    Although bearings are said to play an important role to help function equipments in larger pieces, they are designed quite simply. Also, they can be found in almost in the day to day ordinary items. However, it is important to note that these are not scary items. They tend to serve useful functions in the day to day life. They are quite essential parts in several things that are used on a daily basis.

    They are said to boast a strength which surpasses almost anything, present in today’s industry. Hence, it can be stated to be a vital necessity in several types of devices and mechanics.

    Bearings along with gear, auto, etc. can be found in different types and to serve various purposes. For instance, wheel bearings are found in various automobiles. The vehicle also has other bearing types that are considered crucial for its smooth operation. From the steering, transmission and also, air conditioning, the vehicle is said to rely upon the bearing for carrying out various types of operations.

    Other uses

    Bearings are also used in various types of household items like ceiling fans, skateboards, blenders, etc. Different bearings types are used for ensuring that these devices function smoothly. The other items present in the home like the drawer slides and bar stools do make use of bearing kind of mechanism for running as intended. Such bearings probably will be less advanced when compared to those used in the car. However, they are very much the same bearings. The household item which rotates or has a pivotal point is sure to have some kind of bearing.

    The other items are toys which make use of bearings, so as to be used fully. Children do enjoy toys thoroughly, especially those having moving parts, since the toy version of the item is said to mimic its live version.

    Toy trucks, trains and just about anything having mechanically moving parts tend to operate using bearings. Such bearings do require very little upkeep for appealing to those using them, more specially children. Electronics do make use of bearings. Computers, CD players, DVD players and anything which spins the disk makes use of the bearing for disk rotation.…

  • Engineering industry: Know the different types of bearings

    By / June 2, 2017

    The modern engineering industry is known to manufacture bearings of different type for serving various purposes. It helps to reduce friction among two components. Few of the popular baring types tend to include the ball thrust, ball bearing, roller bearing, roller thrust, tapered roller thrust.

    Overview of the major bearing types

    Ball bearing: It is considered to be the common bearing type available in the market. It is used in different types of items, ranging from inline skates to hard drives. Also, they are useful to handle both radial and thrust loads and are included mostly in applications not requiring heavy load. The benefit derived in using this type of bearing is the contact area being small and round. It is useful to spin quite smoothly. However, the contact area’s size means, it does not have the capability to accept maximum load. Overloading such bearing type is not advisable, since there is risk of it getting squashed or deformed.

    Roller bearing: This type is much more practical when used for applications requiring accepting heaviest loads, like conveyor belt roller. Such bearing type has cylinder shaped to help spread weight across large area, thus making it possible in handling greater load when compared to sphere shaped ones. It does have its own limitations. Hence, is not termed to be a practical choice to accept thrust loading.

    Ball thrust

    It is termed to be a practical choice exclusively for low speed application. At the same time, it has not been developed accept high radial load. It can prove to be a useful choice, for including bar stools and Lazy Susan turntables.

    Roller thrust

    Such bearing type does make sensible choice especially for those applications requiring supporting of large thrust loads. This bearing type is used often in vehicles like the transmission and features between gears and rotating shafts. Majority of the transmissions are developed with angle teeth. This effectively means that there is development of thrust load, which is to be given adequate support using appropriate bearings.

    Tapered roller

    Such bearing type is considered to be a reliable choice for every application type, demanding support for large radial loads and thrust. It is also used popularly in vehicles and mounted in pairs, used for the car hubs providing reliable support in multiple directions to thrust load.

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  • Bearing and its significance in machinery as well as in other applications

    By / June 2, 2017

    For many machines, bearing is considered to be a crucial element. It reduces friction among two objects, thereby allowing the moving parts to smoothly operate and move. It is into two basic categories that they are split, namely thrust and radial types. The latter are used to turn shafts, while the former supports axial loads.


    The different types of bearings are as follows:

    • Flange
    • Unmounted and mounted
    • Roller
    • Ball
    • Split

    Several varieties are present. The commonly used type in the industry is the ball bearings that find itself in different types of applications. Bearing tools, spare parts, related accessories and applications tend to work in range of products that are created to safeguard them, as well as to produce smooth operation. Gear pullers, for instance are known to extract bearings for repairs and inspections. The shields stretch its life, thus ensuring the lubricant present within the raceway stays in its place.

    Its functioning

    Being created from a ball, with an outside and inside smooth surface for rolling purpose, the load weight will be carried by the ball. Rotation is encouraged by the force. How the force has been placed entirely depends upon if it is a radial or thrust load.

    Thrust load is said to place stress directly upon it from a specific angle, while radial loads tend to place weight on it, thereby ensuring its rotation from tension. Few bearings also tend to handle both the loads. For instance, the car tyre, supports thrust load while taking corner and radial load on straightway.

    More about bearings

    Both the loads are handled by different types. Weight is supported by both load ability and type when selecting the correct type for the job. Some variants found are:

    • Ball bearings
    • Roller bearings
    • Roller thrust
    • Ball thrust
    • Tapered roller bearings

    It is possible to find bearings at the leading online stores as well as in the brick and mortar stores. Trying to deal with a supplier recommending the superior type and brand is undoubtedly a huge bonus. For future applications, new bearings are known to be still developed and also improvised upon.

    Getting to understand the different types can prove to be really helpful to make a well informed selection. This can help the individual to find the most appropriate spare parts that can be used for the business and to help it to promote and do well in the long run.…

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