Engineering industry: Know the different types of bearings

The modern engineering industry is known to manufacture bearings of a different type for serving various purposes. It helps to reduce friction among two components. Few of the popular baring types tend to include the ball thrust, ball bearing, roller bearing, roller thrust, tapered roller thrust.

Overview of the major bearing types

Ball bearing: It is considered to be the common bearing type available in the market. It is used in different types of items, ranging from inline skates to hard drives. Also, they are useful to handle both radial and thrust loads and are included mostly in applications not requiring a heavy load. The benefit derived from using this type of bearing is the contact area being small and round. It is useful to spin quite smoothly. However, the contact area’s size means, it does not have the capability to accept the maximum load. Overloading such bearing type is not advisable since there is the risk of it getting squashed or deformed.

Roller bearing: This type is much more practical when used for applications requiring accepting heaviest loads, like conveyor belt roller. Such bearing type has the cylinder-shaped to help spread the weight across a large area, thus making it possible in handling the greater load when compared to sphere shaped ones. It does have its own limitations. Hence, is not termed to be a practical choice to accept thrust loading.

Ball thrust

It is termed to be a practical choice exclusively for the low-speed application. At the same time, it has not been developed to accept the high radial load. It can prove to be a useful choice, for including bar stools and Lazy Susan turntables.

Roller thrust

Such bearing type does make the sensible choice especially for those applications requiring supporting large thrust loads. This bearing type is used often in vehicles like the transmission and features between gears and rotating shafts. Majority of the transmissions are developed with angle teeth. This effectively means that there is the development of thrust load, which is to be given adequate support using appropriate bearings.

Tapered roller

Such bearing type is considered to be a reliable choice for every application type, demanding support for large radial loads and thrust. It is also used popularly in vehicles and mounted in pairs, used for the car hubs providing reliable support in multiple directions to thrust load.

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