Furballs – Shooting Android Game Funny

Furballs is Android a fun shooter familiar curtain drop you into a fight with a bunch of messy little creatures wearing lovely clothes.

In each table, your goal is to use the slingshot, rifle or any weapon which shoots up bodies for creatures other fun loving. There will be a bunch of genres, such as squirrels, birds, tomatoes, watermelon, pocket money, popcorn, and many other things – flying wildly across the screen to drag your range. There are a few things if you shoot them will receive more money as a reward, whereas there are a few things will bring trouble for you.

Starting with a rubber gun case, you can unlock and buy a few other guns. Each different type of weapon has a devastating personal and relevant to each specific situation. Besides, you can also buy some special abilities like temporary freezes before starting play.

Furballs have more than 300 levels will take you to each exciting scene. When you start a new challenge, maybe you will come to a whole new scene. The game’s graphics and animation style are very colorful.
The act also as a lovely character but a bit silly. Between the Fruit Ninja-style table is also fast challenging puzzles sniper ability or your memory, the prize will be the coin.

Furballs available on the AppStore for $ 2.99 without ads and coming soon for Google Play.

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