Incoming! Goblins Attack TD for Android

Incoming! Goblins Attack TD apk – the game seems to explain everything. It’s a town full of fat goblin, with simple soldiers protecting our freedom. To put it simply, this is a defense game featured mobile.

Protect your village on the flat graphics, all revolving around the construction of a town with the key to preventing planned enemy on the other side of the invaded lands.

In the game, players only arrows, turrets, and shamans to fight. The type of tower is also limited, making it the points except for the variety and strategy in the game. These skills can be used and only 4 types, such as mines and sparks. Compensate for the meager selection that many options for towers and upgrade skills. Since the scope until the rate of attack damage by fire, which is the basic statistics of each tower can be increased at each different level. And the price is getting the star in each level.

Enemies are more diverse. To earn extra elves help, there are many types of lizards such as swimming, flying will-o-wisp, warlords and the giant specialized treatment. When a new enemy appears, there will be a message, a message clearly note the number system as well as our ability. Skill of the enemy is not really complicated, but is quite rampant in the battle.

Incoming! Goblins Attack TD consists of 4 types including plain terrain – forests, snow fields, swamps and volcanic terrain types each have 40 levels and over 20 unique enemy types. Most are based on the level of challenge is not a regular occurrence. For example, the level with the endless waves of enemies often have special seals, and how to pass that goal is to use the seal that takes a lot of coins to completely stop the soldier back discomfort.

Incoming! Goblins Attack TD has pretty nice graphics, and protection warriors fun tower. The game promises to give players hours of entertainment besides his mobile phone.

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