Dwarven Den Reviews for Android & IOS

Dwarven Den received many positive reviews from fans both old and young. Through the fairy tale of the West, the dwarf world are always mentioned with beautiful pictures, thousands of glittering gems. You will have a free tour of the world with Dwarven Den, a mobile game developer coming from Backflip Studios. A developer has had much success with the mobile game for children.

Dwarven Den is an action puzzle game with 3D graphics backgrounds, all are reproduced in the underground caverns, new dwarves, living and working more beard. Most of the initial tasks are easy, the player’s main purpose is to bring his character to those of you looking for tools to be hiding somewhere in. The necessary tools can be purchased, gem mining and quarrying to get you hard cost more to buy better equipment.

With every screen in the game, players will be moved to a room with stone blocks with high strength, you will have to choose the instruments you have to destroy them. Activity is exhausted, this reflected each use you will lose a bit of energy. There are many different color crystals appear after you exploit and destroy the rocks as red crystals help us regain some energy, blue for engine upgrade ….

In addition, Den Dwarven challenges in many different forms. Enemies are everywhere and appear randomly on each screenplay, you have to calculate and destroy them by his example chased and stomped them into a trap that was laid out before.
In addition, the player’s vision is limited to the unexplored areas. In short, the player will have to prepare the plan, use tools properly and a bit of intuition is necessary to point the way to achieve mission objectives without losing too much energy.

It is not fair in Dwarven Den, but is a game free-to-play but also not something is free, with the first game screen you can use to calculate your pass, with the screenplay after you have spent some costs could complete the task.

It is a rare thing these days to find a free game that actually respects the players while still provide a powerful experience to participate. Backflip Studios seems to be doing the right thing, however.

With audiovisuals that cute and charming without being twee dangerous, and a core experience challenging and addictive, Dwarven Den will be a solid proposal even if it comes with a price tag attached. The fact that it does not have, while still maintaining a high level of quality, making this even more of a rough diamond.

Nevertheless, this is still a game challenging gameplay and addictive, and it can still receive support despite a price attached to download.

But in fact, Dwarven Den absolutely free and still maintain its quality. Backflip Studios has the right, they get many positive reviews from fans both old and young.

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