The Rhythm Of Fighters: Game Of The Week Android

The Rhythm Of Fighters for Android will task you with lasting till the end of the song, which is actually a little harder than it sounds. Tapping the beat marks correctly as stated above will let you land an attack, but if you miss tapping the marks correctly you’re opening yourself up to an attack from your opponent, taking a little bit of health away from you. If this happens too many times your HP bar eventually depletes completely and the level will be over, with all hope of a level clear being lost.

Past the memorable moments had in games like King of Fighters and Metal Slug 3, SNK has brought favorites to the world of mobile gaming in a re-imagined state like with Metal Slug Defense, and just recently their newest title to hit the Play Store, The Rhythm Of Fighters. The Rhythm Of Fighters isn’t your typical tap to the music game, as each successful tap to the beat will reward you with attacks against your opponent, much like pressing the right buttons during an actual brawl in a fighting game. Chaining perfect taps together result in combos, and eventually a super special attack that has a chance to not only restore health but also unleash a devastating move on your opponent.

Successfully completing levels lets you unlock new levels as well as support characters which can help you during your battle, with things like restoring health at a certain point or by unleashing an attack of their own. There are also two modes available for play, with Arcade mode which takes you through the story mode of the game basically where you have to unlock levels through progression and will be put up against certain opponents, or Free mode which lets you play any level/music track you wish so long as you already unlocked it. You can also unlock additional music tracks and new playable characters through IAP(which is kind of sad cause there doesn’t seem to be any way to unlock them otherwise)but there are a few playable characters from the start each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

All in all The Rhythm Of Fighters is a pretty great game and not bad for $0.99. Those who were fans of the classic King Of Fighters games will also appreciate the retro graphic visuals.

Written by admin