• Leo’s Fortune Free Download

    By / June 30, 2017

    Leo’s Fortune APK on release Google Store. This title, produced by 1337 & Senri, is a console-quality side-scroller where an insightful fuzzball works his way through trouble-filled levels, all for the sake of finding his stolen fortune.
    The going can get rough, but you’ll be ready with these tips.

    How do I play Leo’s Fortune?

    Unlike most platforming heroes, Leo doesn’t possess enemy-squashing abilities. Rather, he can use momentum to get up curved walkways, similar to the speedy Sonic the Hedgehog, and also inflate to get over great distances. In some cases, he can also sink like a stone, provided he has enough momentum in the air.
    These functions are all performed using touch-screen controls. You’ll guide the hero left and right using the left thumb function while adjusting his height and descent with the right thumb.

    How do I solve puzzles in Leo’s Fortune?

    Usually, it has something to do with the environment. Very rarely did we get stuck in the game, because of the wonderful puzzle design the developers put into place?
    For example, in the second level, you may find an out-of-reach ledge, or need to get over spiked walls. The best thing you can do is look around and see what works best, whether it’s a switch, a bounce pistol, a set of boxes or an anchor. Even if you end up dying once by accident, it’s worth it just to find the solution.
    Once you figure it out – and it should only take a few seconds – you’ll move on with ease.

    How do I earn stars in Leo’s Fortune?

    Stars are unlocked by meeting certain criteria at the end of the level. You’ll get one by default just for completing it, but you’ll also be able to earn two extra stars from beating a pre-set time limit for the level and completing it without losing any lives.
    The more stars you unlock, the more bonus stages you’ll be able to access. These bonus stages give you the opportunity to enhance your skills in races and other activities, in which you can compare best times with other players.
    In fact, if you earn enough stars in the game, you’ll be able to unlock Hardcore Mode, which unlocks a brand new difficulty that will really put your platforming skills to the test. Try to collect as many as you can!

    What happens if I die in Leo’s Fortune?

    If you somehow end up dying in a stage, keep in mind that you can always start over and try to complete it without losing any lives. There’s no penalty for that.

    Are there any hidden collectibles in Leo’s Fortune?

    Yes. There are various golden cogs hidden around certain stages, and collecting these will go a long way towards unlocking Hardcore Mode, along with the stars that you pick up at the end of each stage. If you catch a glimpse of one of these bad boys in the game, look around. You may just be able to find a way to get up there and collect it!
    Remember, the goal is to keep trying to get everything, including coins, stars, and golden cogs.

    Do I need to pay for anything in Leo’s Fortune?

    The Leo’s Fortune release on Google Store. Outside of that, you …

  • Furballs – Shooting Android Game Funny

    By / June 21, 2017

    Furballs is Android a fun shooter familiar curtain drop you into a fight with a bunch of messy little creatures wearing lovely clothes.

    In each table, your goal is to use the slingshot, rifle or any weapon which shoots up bodies for creatures other fun loving. There will be a bunch of genres, such as squirrels, birds, tomatoes, watermelon, pocket money, popcorn, and many other things – flying wildly across the screen to drag your range. There are a few things if you shoot them will receive more money as a reward, whereas there are a few things will bring trouble for you.

    Starting with a rubber gun case, you can unlock and buy a few other guns. Each different type of weapon has a devastating personal and relevant to each specific situation. Besides, you can also buy some special abilities like temporary freezes before starting play.

    Furballs have more than 300 levels will take you to each exciting scene. When you start a new challenge, maybe you will come to a whole new scene. The game’s graphics and animation style are very colorful.
    The act also as a lovely character but a bit silly. Between the Fruit Ninja-style table is also fast challenging puzzles sniper ability or your memory, the prize will be the coin.

    Furballs available on the AppStore for $ 2.99 without ads and coming soon for Google Play.

  • Tips to select the right industrial bearing

    By / June 2, 2017

    Producing food products can be termed to be a demanding science. The different industrial equipment and supplies used for manufacturing foodstuffs are required to meet the stringent government set requirements of sanitation and quality. When industrial bearing is concerned, the food industry is said to look at several unique options. It may the desire to have lubricating oil for contaminating food on production line. Probably, it could be bacteria growing on the machine’s housing. This will only do away with the consumers.

    Hence, it becomes important to select carefully the industrial bearings with regards to sanitation and cleanliness. At the same time, these also are to be evaluated with respect to cost, durability, hardness and strength. For meeting the criteria, what is necessary is a special series of materials.

    Select the right tools

    There are present different types of tools like drive line, gear box, etc in the box that needs to be used from time to time. The rings and balls are to be developed from superior quality materials. FDA standards are not met by regular iron. The common choice is using stainless steel rings and balls. They are said to combine very high tensile strength combined with excellent corrosion resistance. Food will not be contaminated in this manner. But they are regarded to be expensive options. Hence, the other materials are designed in the form of balls.

    The other least expensive option is coated iron. Chrome coating can help improve the hardness of the ball, corrosion resistance as well as enhances its durability. Moreover, zinc coatings are commonly used for preventing contamination and enhancing corrosion resistance.

    Lubrication and industrial bearings

    In the domain of food processing, making use of conventional lubricants and oil is strictly forbidden. Lubricant contamination is likely to crate horrible taste, spoil food and also is stated to be toxic. Hence, it will be necessary to use only FDA approved greases. Such lubricants are known as ‘H1s’. they are free from non-toxic odors and tastes even if there is occurrence of contamination in food.

    It is essential to keep well lubricated the industrial bearings and is applicable in the food industry. Refilling and purging lubrication reservoirs can help prevention of cross contamination. In case, a specific machine finds it difficult to service, then it is possible to use solid polymer lubricants. Such solid strips can release grease slowly and the industrial bearings will be in operation for keeping lubricated the system.

    One can find images and vector graphics of any industrial areas at the following websites: here and here.…

  • Engineering industry: Know the different types of bearings

    By / June 2, 2017

    The modern engineering industry is known to manufacture bearings of a different type for serving various purposes. It helps to reduce friction among two components. Few of the popular baring types tend to include the ball thrust, ball bearing, roller bearing, roller thrust, tapered roller thrust.

    Overview of the major bearing types

    Ball bearing: It is considered to be the common bearing type available in the market. It is used in different types of items, ranging from inline skates to hard drives. Also, they are useful to handle both radial and thrust loads and are included mostly in applications not requiring a heavy load. The benefit derived from using this type of bearing is the contact area being small and round. It is useful to spin quite smoothly. However, the contact area’s size means, it does not have the capability to accept the maximum load. Overloading such bearing type is not advisable since there is the risk of it getting squashed or deformed.

    Roller bearing: This type is much more practical when used for applications requiring accepting heaviest loads, like conveyor belt roller. Such bearing type has the cylinder-shaped to help spread the weight across a large area, thus making it possible in handling the greater load when compared to sphere shaped ones. It does have its own limitations. Hence, is not termed to be a practical choice to accept thrust loading.

    Ball thrust

    It is termed to be a practical choice exclusively for the low-speed application. At the same time, it has not been developed to accept the high radial load. It can prove to be a useful choice, for including bar stools and Lazy Susan turntables.

    Roller thrust

    Such bearing type does make the sensible choice especially for those applications requiring supporting large thrust loads. This bearing type is used often in vehicles like the transmission and features between gears and rotating shafts. Majority of the transmissions are developed with angle teeth. This effectively means that there is the development of thrust load, which is to be given adequate support using appropriate bearings.

    Tapered roller

    Such bearing type is considered to be a reliable choice for every application type, demanding support for large radial loads and thrust. It is also used popularly in vehicles and mounted in pairs, used for the car hubs providing reliable support in multiple directions to thrust load.

    One can easily find the bearing plate and the different types of bearings from the leading binary options online sites. Read the full 24 option review here.…

  • This Means WAR! – My Style Tactics Defence Clash Of Clans

    By / May 22, 2017

    For your favorite strategy game as the Clash Of Clans then with This Means WAR! is a new game can not be ignored.

    Owning a few similarities with Clash of Clans, This Means War! for Android . Your help is very much used to establish a form of military troops of their own to the same time against the hostile forces, those who want to take the Red Mercurcy monopolize.


    Function touch screen is quite responsive, and very easy to drop troops into the area will give you favorable results immediately reconnaissance that the enemy unaware.


    To prepare for the fight you must build an impregnable fortress is protected by walls, mines, traps, ballistic missiles. The game has 13 different military units respectively so that you can choose and upgrade them.


    Besides that, do any activity that will cause you to lose a ton of time, infrastructure plays a pretty big interest in the game was built from the same source material, but the design of the slow game that the player faced many difficulties.


    We can say that This Means War! APK not much different than its predecessor in every way ahead. If only the entertainment requirements of the moment with This Means War! completely unacceptable because it is a free download on the Google Play.

  • World of Tanks Blitz Review for Android

    By / March 4, 2017

    World of Tanks Blitz APK part of the problem is that my kids keep bugging me to play so they can watch. The other part is that despite making some concessions to ensure the multiplayer experience works on mobile devices, it’s similar enough to its excellent PC sibling in all the ways that count, and even some of the changes end up adding to its addictive qualities.

    Consider that a victory for Wargaming.net. While the developer was working on the Xbox 360 port of World of Tanks and getting World of Warplanes off the ground, it saw other studios release multiplayer mobile tank battle games, some of which were pretty good. Yet there was always the expectation that Wargaming would bring its expertise to touchscreens at some point, and the result was worth the wait.

    Let’s start with truth in titles. World of Tanks Blitz is well-named, because everything about it is faster than its online counterpart. Seven is the game’s magic number: battles are seven a side and last for a maximum of seven minutes. The smaller maps have just one base to capture, set halfway between the two teams’ starting points, which suits the quicker pace. Scouting still has benefits, but there’s less need for it because you’re going to run into enemies pretty quickly no matter where you go.

    The designers somehow still managed to populate the maps with things to hide behind, advantageous terrain and other interesting features. It’s generally just as suicidal to go running off on your own as it is in World of Tanks, and a combination of brains and reflexes is still the best formula for success. It’s just that you’ll have to make faster decisions and live with them.

    Computer veterans may have some adjustments to make when it comes to the controls, though regular mobile gamers are going to find them less off-putting. The virtual stick that moves your tank is the least exciting part, as it often is, though the dedicated buttons for rotating your vehicle without going forward or backward are slick. Tapping and dragging anywhere on the right side of the screen controls the turret, and buttons on both sides fire the gun. Consumables are also easily accessed with dedicated virtual buttons, and the whole scheme can be cutomized to your liking. Read more about best dietary supplementsBlack wolf workout and Marine muscle workout.

    The remainder of the UI looks almost exactly like what you’d find on the PC, and that familiarity extends to the garage area as well. Blitz does a nice job walking newcomers through upgrading tank modules, resupplying ammo and researching and buying new vehicles. Advancement to higher tiers follows the World of Tanks blueprint, except that several aspects are streamlined and simplified. Crew skills are improved as a group, Arty is missing completely (that’s WoT slang for artillery), and only USA, Russia and Germany tech trees are in the game at launch.

    Still, you have the option to drive light, medium and heavy tanks, as well as tank destroyers, and — stop me if you recognize a recurring theme — it won’t take as long to get to higher tiers as in the online game. That makes paying for premium time and the added experience and credits you get from …

  • Pyst for Android Review

    By / February 28, 2017

    Pyst, the 1996 parody game developed by Parroty Interactive and Bergman-Stallone, Inc., undoubtedly drew its inspiration from this latter base of opinion, but although it sprinkles some chuckle-worthy moments throughout its (very) short playing time, it ultimately comes up lacking in its attempt to lampoon its best-selling target of derision.

    It must be said before venturing further that, as an older game, modern systems may have significant difficulty running Pyst. I was forced to install a copy of Windows 98 on my computer using virtual machine software, from which I then launched the game. Adventure gamers are used to often jumping through technical hoops such as this, but for the less tech-savvy player, such hurdles might prove to be a major issue.

    Pyst’s premise is simple: after hosting over four-million players, Pyst Island has been reduced to a money-grubbing, trash-strewn wasteland. Movie theatres, “Post-Punk” rave concerts, and a large infomercial-spewing television set looming over the island landscape are just some of the “improvements” that have been made to Pyst’s once pristine environments.

    The game begins with a send-up of Atrus’s opening monologue from Myst, and then deposits the player on the docks, as in the original game. However, rather than hearing sounds of the ocean gently breaking upon the pier, you’re greeted by squawking gulls and faint sounds of vomiting. The wooden docks are rotting into the sea and the island’s familiar gear-like sculpture off in the distance has been vandalized, painted to appear as a Mohawk-wearing punk rocker.

    Players hoping to point-and-click their way around this twisted island environment, however, will be disappointed. In an apparent attempt to both parody Myst’s slideshow navigation and remain within budget constraints, Pyst is presented as a series of “interactive postcards,” complete with perforated “paper” edges and captions at the bottom (the opening scene is titled “The dock after Woodstock,” for example). This gimmick is further emphasized by the fact that each one showcases a different “main attraction” on Pyst Island. The player is unable to actually “walk” from one location to the next; instead you navigate between individual scenes using arrows at the left and right edges of the screen.

    In addition, arrows at the top and bottom of the screen “flip” each postcard over to reveal one of two fully-voiced missives from previous visitors to (or current residents of) that location on Pyst Island. Pressing an oblong button at the bottom of the screen activates a brief voiceover “guided tour” for each location, provided by the overeager duo Bob and Sheryl, employees of real estate developer Octoplex Corporation. These provide a few laughs as they hype the supposed perks of each location or detail renovations planned by their employer.

    The game does a competent job, both graphically and aurally, of portraying an idyllic paradise that has been overrun by massive hordes of people and turned into a tourist trap. Familiar Myst locations, such as the Clocktower and the Library, are sullied with advertising posters, spoiler-ific graffiti left behind by visitors, or some other sort of commercial exploitation. Hotspots, appropriately signaled by the cursor transforming into a radiation symbol, allow interaction with the various items onscreen. The few pieces of music to be found in the game are actually somewhat majestic, but are comically juxtaposed against Pyst Island’s least-majestic locales.

    Another …

  • Master of Craft Review Mobile

    By / February 17, 2017

    Master of Craft become a real worker and business minded. From the game, you will also have valuable experience in real life.

    Surely we all know and love the role-playing game (RPG), but is not interested in the origin of the equipment used by a character crisis. You can buy it in a store, take it after a battle with Boss but did not know where it came from? Fabricated components include what?

    We will have an answer that with Master of Craft, a game/simulation to build from IdeaBox Games. Players will control operations in a town dedicated to the manufacture and sale of weapons, armor and other items. Everything from raw material to the underlying strength is mentioned in this unique game.

    You will start the game with a hammer, learn how to build trade and sales. It was all started with a small shopping market and a sawmill. Players will get the branches from the sawmill, assemble them into the basic weapons and sold for a higher price to earn a little profit.

    Hard with his work, you will have less money and start building a steel mill to produce ore. Now, with the valuable material you combine them and create a weapon and sell them certainly will have higher profits. But not always enough metal and wood fabrication to us, you can earn more by hunting monsters outside. That is why there are adventurers and heroes stand up fighting ferocious monsters.

    Instead of direct players against monsters, the battle will take place automatically and the player can intervene by applying these skills over time. Expeditions can help complete the task, you need to make them the top weapon. New investments must be profitable soon possible.

    Master of Craft  APK is a very interesting game, there are many things you have to begin work on the game. Become a real worker and business minded. From the game, you will also have valuable experience in real life. And certainly, in the future, there will be a game on the topic “training fighters in RPG”.

  • Dwarven Den Reviews for Android & IOS

    By / November 30, 2016

    Dwarven Den received many positive reviews from fans both old and young. Through the fairy tale of the West, the dwarf world are always mentioned with beautiful pictures, thousands of glittering gems. You will have a free tour of the world with Dwarven Den, a mobile game developer coming from Backflip Studios. A developer has had much success with the mobile game for children.

    Dwarven Den is an action puzzle game with 3D graphics backgrounds, all are reproduced in the underground caverns, new dwarves, living and working more beard. Most of the initial tasks are easy, the player’s main purpose is to bring his character to those of you looking for tools to be hiding somewhere in. The necessary tools can be purchased, gem mining and quarrying to get you hard cost more to buy better equipment.

    With every screen in the game, players will be moved to a room with stone blocks with high strength, you will have to choose the instruments you have to destroy them. Activity is exhausted, this reflected each use you will lose a bit of energy. There are many different color crystals appear after you exploit and destroy the rocks as red crystals help us regain some energy, blue for engine upgrade ….

    In addition, Den Dwarven challenges in many different forms. Enemies are everywhere and appear randomly on each screenplay, you have to calculate and destroy them by his example chased and stomped them into a trap that was laid out before.
    In addition, the player’s vision is limited to the unexplored areas. In short, the player will have to prepare the plan, use tools properly and a bit of intuition is necessary to point the way to achieve mission objectives without losing too much energy.

    It is not fair in Dwarven Den, but is a game free-to-play but also not something is free, with the first game screen you can use to calculate your pass, with the screenplay after you have spent some costs could complete the task.

    It is a rare thing these days to find a free game that actually respects the players while still provide a powerful experience to participate. Backflip Studios seems to be doing the right thing, however.

    With audiovisuals that cute and charming without being twee dangerous, and a core experience challenging and addictive, Dwarven Den will be a solid proposal even if it comes with a price tag attached. The fact that it does not have, while still maintaining a high level of quality, making this even more of a rough diamond.

    Nevertheless, this is still a game challenging gameplay and addictive, and it can still receive support despite a price attached to download.

    But in fact, Dwarven Den absolutely free and still maintain its quality. Backflip Studios has the right, they get many positive reviews from fans both old and young.

  • The Rhythm Of Fighters: Game Of The Week Android

    By / October 17, 2016

    The Rhythm Of Fighters for Android will task you with lasting till the end of the song, which is actually a little harder than it sounds. Tapping the beat marks correctly as stated above will let you land an attack, but if you miss tapping the marks correctly you’re opening yourself up to an attack from your opponent, taking a little bit of health away from you. If this happens too many times your HP bar eventually depletes completely and the level will be over, with all hope of a level clear being lost.

    Past the memorable moments had in games like King of Fighters and Metal Slug 3, SNK has brought favorites to the world of mobile gaming in a re-imagined state like with Metal Slug Defense, and just recently their newest title to hit the Play Store, The Rhythm Of Fighters. The Rhythm Of Fighters isn’t your typical tap to the music game, as each successful tap to the beat will reward you with attacks against your opponent, much like pressing the right buttons during an actual brawl in a fighting game. Chaining perfect taps together result in combos, and eventually a super special attack that has a chance to not only restore health but also unleash a devastating move on your opponent.

    Successfully completing levels lets you unlock new levels as well as support characters which can help you during your battle, with things like restoring health at a certain point or by unleashing an attack of their own. There are also two modes available for play, with Arcade mode which takes you through the story mode of the game basically where you have to unlock levels through progression and will be put up against certain opponents, or Free mode which lets you play any level/music track you wish so long as you already unlocked it. You can also unlock additional music tracks and new playable characters through IAP(which is kind of sad cause there doesn’t seem to be any way to unlock them otherwise)but there are a few playable characters from the start each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

    All in all The Rhythm Of Fighters is a pretty great game and not bad for $0.99. Those who were fans of the classic King Of Fighters games will also appreciate the retro graphic visuals.

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